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What is KingGrabber?

KingGrabber is a Grabber Service and link tracking platform that also allows you to add eye-catching and insight any page of source content site.

Multi Host Content Grabber

Testing your own API from our service

Save your latest grabber for future response

Yeah we do magic for keep stabilize our API

Collect all content site and got any chapter response

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How it works?

Find a link to grab

Get the link to any website you want to grab from our latest list. It can be a keyword to search , URL Series or Chapter/Episode URL.

Do a grab with our API KingGrabber

Choose a call-to-action you want USE with RPC-JSON or with our latest wordpress Plugin.

Save your List

After your doing latest API call our system will make your own Insight for reporting how much u do ?

Enjoy Your Grabber response

Now you can rest without doing a hardwork with our Service

What are your waiting for ?

With our cheap pricings, you can handle your pocket without make your piggy bank crying.

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